The Impact of Tobacco Production on Women’s Rights

Tobacco is one of the major export crops of Zambia. Nevertheless, smallholder farmers can hardly make a living of it. The majority of workers in the tobacco fields in Zambia are women who risk their health due to a lack of protective equipment. This video is about the women’s rights to health and safe working conditions. Listen to women farmers in Zambia about their experiences and needs.

Tobacco: How it kills

The educational movie depicts the harmful effects of tobacco to various organs in the body.

ASH Releases Video to Showcase a New Ending to the Tobacco Story

Big Tobacco is doing everything in its power to entice “replacement smokers” and to continue raking in profits by selling the ONLY consumer product that kills when used exactly as intended.

The Secret Bribes of Big Tobacco

How British American Tobacco (BAT) employees bribe politicians and public officials in Africa to undermine life-saving policies

Kenya: Lighting Up /We investigate Big Tobacco’s disturbing attempts to increase the sale of cigarettes in Kenya (Africa)

With the most smokers in sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya is one of the biggest prizes on offer. The problem for the industry is that Kenyan health officials are as aware as anyone else about the dreadful menace smoking poses to their nation’s health.

Why these anti-smoking TV ads are working:

Today the government says it has helped 400,000 smokers quit for good. In a series of TV ads called “Tips From Former Smokers,” Americans have shared personal stories of the consequences of smoking. Jeffrey Brown examines the campaign with CDC director

Are E-Cigarette Ads Encouraging Teen Addiction?

TV commercials for e-cigarettes have drawn the ire of the CDC, which is concerned that they will result in teen addiction to smoking. WSJ’s Tripp Mickle explains on Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero.


The first instalment to my four-part countdown of the TOP 40 SCARIEST ANTI-SMOKING COMMERCIALS ever produced.


Smokeless…NOT Harmless is a 5-minute closed captioned video looks at the many tactics used to sell smokeless tobacco over the past century.

5.6 Million Children

It shows that millions of today’s children will ultimately die early from smoking if we don’t do more to reduce current smoking rates.

The Effects of Tobacco

It is a Video for Health Class